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Image by Ashleigh Shea


Meet your new Breast Form!

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Perfect-Again Breast Forms are different

With our lightweight breast forms, you can wear beautiful lingerie, you can swim and you can be perfect again.

Australian Made and 100% Medicare refund on your Breast Form.*
Perfect Again Breast Form in the packaging
Mastectomy bra worn with a Perfect Again Breast Form
Image by Christina Winter


Perfect Again Breast Forms are light, super comfortable and designed by a Breast Cancer Survivor who uses a breast form daily.


Made right here in Australia.


Yes, you can still wear beautiful lingerie with your breast form! We have a range of lovely bras that are perfectly suited to our breast forms - and we'll help you choose the perfect fit for your body shape.


We know you have questions about getting a breast form following your Mastectomy and Breast Cancer treatment. We've put together the common ones' women ask us.

 I'm Julie

I'm a breast cancer survivor who couldn't find the breast form that suited me after my Mastectomy.

I decided to create my own and Perfect Again was born!
Julie Brand Founder of Perfect Again Breast Forms Australia
Perfect Again Breast Forms Coloured Logo

This week I was able to cuddle my grandsons without a qualm. So my life has changed again - with greater security and peace of mind. 

| Kathryn / ACT |
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