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Kind Words from our clients

Linda \ Geelong VIC

I am a very grateful recipient of breast forms made by Julie. After spending time with her and trying on the breast forms, I am delighted with the weight and comfort. 

Nicole \ QLD

I had a mastectomy ten years ago and began wearing a heavy breast form.  During this time I had constant neck and shoulder pain, which I somehow thought was normal.  

I didn’t realise that lighter breast forms were available.   Since I have been wearing the light-weight Perfect Again breast form, my posture has improved and my neck and shoulder pain has subsided.  Dealing with Julie to find the right size for my new breast form was super easy and I couldn’t be happier!’


Jacinta \ from Regional VIC

"Perfect Again breast forms are amazing! I previously had a weighted breast form and didn't realise how depressed I was becoming. But the Perfect Again forms work perfectly and I feel sooooo amazingly different!!     


I feel like my emotional healing from having cancer which was previously stagnant, has now been able to progress to the next level with my Perfect Again breast form. I don't have to be embarrassed by a breast form that flops around and bangs on my chest as I lean forward and straight back up again. I don't get uncomfortable anymore holding my baby against the new form as it's not a firm weight on my tender scar. I am MUCH more comfortable and even have less pain and more confidence.


The business is run by people who are tender and caring. It's healing to be fitted by someone who 'gets it' and understands me and is so supportive through such a vulnerable time. Thank you to Julie and her team!!!" 


​Suzette \ from Newcastle NSW

"I'm absolutely loving my new foob! As promised, it is lightweight and is delivering comfort. Although I haven't tried the usual silicon ones, I can just tell from handling silicon (whilst creating sculptures), that it would be heavy and sticky on the skin.


What I've realised, is that it's not necessarily the weight, but also the 'drag' caused by friction on the skin, which is already hypersensitive from radiation and surgery.


Even my crochet and knitted foobs are uncomfortable during and by the end of the day. I now realise it's because they are light and move around a lot more as the body moves. As that happens, friction occurs.

The other major issue is the TEXTURE of the foob.

Any lump or bump is felt when your skin is hypersensitive. The crochet and knitted ones have small lumps and bumps especially in the middle, where they are fixed/knotted/joined together. THIS is actually my biggest issue.


So to discover the inside concave curve of your foob is HEAVENLY! No more nagging dragging on the skin. This is the single most enlightening discovery of your foob. The concave design means nearly zero friction on my chest wall. The weight is distributed to the outer [rim] of the prosthesis. (I don't really need to tell you this, you designed it!) And that's due to the completely smooth texture of the material, and the inner concave design.


Miraculous- NO DISCOMFORT ALL DAY! And no movement...solid as a rock.


This week we had a couple of 35' days. Because I'm still moisturising (1-year post-radiation) I've been placing a tissue between the skin and the foob (because it's not in a mastectomy bra pocket as I prefer the foob to sit lower in the bra than in the pocket, to match the other real breast).


On Friday I had to work outside (I work in a primary school setting) all afternoon in the direct heat. Surprisingly, no sweaty dramas, even though my bra was sweaty and soggy around the band, my foob and chest wall were fine, still perfectly comfortable, so much so that I wasn't even aware of it being there! (No having to adjust it all day either).


So a big thank you to you and your partner [Franco] for designing something so simple and revolutionary!


A truly magnificent and much-needed product.

PS. Apologies for all the capitals and exclamation marks, but I'm excited! I love a well-designed practical solution.


Maxine \ from North QLD


“I started wearing the Perfect Again Breast Forms in 2019. I find them to be so comfortable and light to wear, I can honestly say that most of the time I forget that I have them on.

I had tried another brand of breast forms but they were so heavy and were uncomfortably hot to wear during a North Queensland summer.

But the Perfect Again Breast Forms tick all the boxes, they are light and comfortable, they have the shape of a real breast and most importantly for me, they aren’t hot to wear during the humidity of a North Queensland 35˚C summer!

Oh, and did I mention that I’m also taking hormone blockers so I get the dreaded hot flushes, but these breast forms don’t bother me in the slightest.

And I can now wear beautiful lacy lingerie again! I have missed pretty bras since my mastectomy and had to make do with mastectomy bras.

I have Julie and Perfect Again Breast Forms to thank for that and almost feel Perfect Again!”

​Dianne \ from Melbourne VIC

"Just over a year ago I had a bilateral mastectomy and soon into my recovery, I got my breast forms from the lingerie shop recommended by the hospital. I was excited to get them but this was short-lived, within 10 minutes I started to sweat and my chest became very itchy.  After many suggestions to manage this none of which worked someone mentioned Perfect Again.


After speaking to Julie on the phone I went to the Breast Studio and Julie spent two hours with me learning about me, what I needed and fitting me until we got the right feel and look. I felt like I had made a new friend.  The breast forms are great, no sweating, no itching, they are light and no one would know they're not real. 


I cannot recommend Perfect Again highly enough. The personal caring service and great product really helped in getting me back to my pre-cancer self. In a perfect world I would hope no one needed breast forms but unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, but we are lucky to live in a world with Perfect Again."

Kim \ Queensland


"I'm very grateful to my breast surgeon for giving me a brochure of Julie's Perfect Again breast forms as I was not aware that there was an option like this available. I arranged a fitting [with Linda Jobson] as soon as I was able to and was so pleased by the weight difference to the form I was already wearing - it was so incredibly light and comfortable.

This was a game-changer for me!

In addition to this I didn't need to purchase and wear a second more robust form to do my exercises and swimming as Perfect Again does it all!

I am especially loving the ease of putting on my bra first and simply slipping the form into the cup, no need to fiddle around with pockets and mastectomy bras if you don't want to. 

Julie is lovely and the service she provided was nothing short of exceptional.

Thank you, thank you!!

Sarah \ Geelong

"I am very happy with my breast form. For me the fact I can continue wearing my own bras and am not limited to mastectomy bras for the rest of my life is a huge win.     Julie is incredibly caring and understanding. She patiently showed me different sizes and I never felt any obligation that I needed to shop from her.

I also like how these breast forms are hand-made in Australia. Knowing that these breast forms are designed by a woman who went through the same thing herself and that she has put her personal experience into the design of them, made me feel more confident about having to wear one."



Sandi \ Brisbane QLD

When I was told I needed a double mastectomy I started looking at prosthetic options straight away. When I came across Perfect Again Breast Forms I knew I had found what I was looking for. The fact that it is an Australian designed product, made in Australia was the icing on the cake. My phone call with Julie was amazing, she was very helpful and gave me all the information that I needed. I was fitted by her consultant in Brisbane and found the perfect size. Being from Queensland I like to swim in both the pool and the ocean. The fact that I could use the same breast forms (not buy a different set, as other products require) was also a financial benefit. I can't recommend this product highly enough. 

Jodie \ from Monterey NSW

"Julie from Perfect Again called me and we spoke about my back story. She was both supportive and empathetic and shared her own similar cancer journey with me.


I received three prostheses options and was matched with Christina from Intimo to be "virtually" professionally fitted with a suitable bra. (This all happened during lockdown).


Both ladies were friendly and sensitive to my needs.

I now have a couple of well-fitted bras and a Perfect Again breast form that Medicare fully refunded under the Medicare reimbursement program.


The product is soft, not too heavy and gives the appearance of a naturally shaped breast. I feel confident going back into the office, even wearing v or scoop-necked corporate blouses and dresses.


I'm grateful for the time and effort afforded to me during the fitting process especially because it was a time when I was feeling at my most fragile. Thank you."

Sally \ from Melbourne VIC 

“I am very happy with my Perfect Again breast form. It feels so light and natural that I forget that I have only one remaining breast and am reminded only when getting undressed. I teach and practice yoga almost daily and the breast form stays perfectly snug in my bra and any postures where my chest is pressed into the ground feels super comfortable. Simply put it's been it's perfect for my lifestyle. Perfect Again was a significant part of my healing process after having breast cancer and I cannot thank Julie and Franco enough for all their work."

​Amelia \ from Regional VIC

"These breast forms are extremely comfortable to wear and delicate against the skin. I no longer have any shoulder or muscle issues and can wear 'off-the-rack' bras."


Sylvia \ from Perth WA


"After 5 years with an implant following breast cancer, I decided to have it removed and I'm so pleased I did. In fact, I wish I had never agreed to have a reconstruction to begin with!


Yet I still wanted to look 'whole' again and soon found on the Internet a company aptly called Perfect Again.

The service I received from the company's founder Julie Brand, was more than I could ever have hoped for and the oh so natural looking and feeling breast prosthesis skillfully crafted by her partner has certainly achieved that look for me.


A fantastic all-round service from a company I highly recommend".

​Jane \ from Bellarine VIC

"I was introduced to Julie and her breast form Perfect Again through a mutual friend. I had had a mastectomy 23 years previously and had been using the standard breast prosthesis. I had never felt comfortable and complete with it due to the weight and the type of material used. It was the standard prosthesis that is offered to women and it would move and sag. I found myself readjusting it and my bra during the day. It had become a tic of sorts and I had resigned myself to the discomfort and embarrassment it caused.

I met Julie and was drawn to her magnificent posture and lovely presentation. She looked so confident and there were no signs that she suffered from the awful prosthesis that I was familiar with.

Julie, first of all, fitted me out with the correct type of bra. And yes, the ones I chose are so pretty as well as super comfortable. Then she chose the breast form size and just popped it under my bra. That simple! No sleeves or pouches to speak of. What amazed me was how light it was. The form itself does not change or lose shape and sits perfectly in place because of the bra fitting.

What I'm enjoying the most is that my posture has completely changed for the better. I hadn't realised how much the old prosthesis had distorted how I stood and how crouched over I had become.

Julie knows what she is doing. She understands that comfort is so important when it comes to a breast prosthesis. She gets that a bra is an essential part of being fitted for the prosthesis.


I am so happy with my breast form.

Do yourself a favour and have a chat with Julie. Thank you, Julie, for being so kind and generous with your expert advice. Forever grateful.​


​​Amina \ from Albury NSW 

"My sister was getting married on 28th December and my double mastectomy was booked in for the 3rd of December. I already had my dress and I really wanted to feel beautiful in it at the wedding. So, after hearing how comfortable the Perfect Again breast forms are from someone online, I decided to call Julie prior to having surgery to see if wearing breast forms so soon after was possible and if so, whether the Perfect Again breast forms would be suitable. I knew nothing about breast forms but Julie talked me through everything and was absolutely amazing. Despite how light the breast forms are, Julie was concerned that they may still bother me because of how close together the surgery and the wedding were. But, she was determined that I was going to be able to wear my maid of honour dress and went above and beyond, even speaking to a friend who's an excellent seamstress, to figure out how the breast forms could be sewn into the dress to eliminate any discomfort. It turned out that the breast forms were so comfortable that I was able to wear then directly against my skin on a 39' C day without any discomfort at all. As well as being comfortable, the breast forms look completely natural and Julie made absolutely sure that I had the right size and shape. All of this was done by phone!  I can't recommend Julie and  Perfect Again breast forms more highly!



Kind Words from the professionals

Catherine Enter

Breast Care Nurse \ South Gippsland Australia 

Julie Brand’s specialised breast forms are a ‘stand out’ amidst the choices available for women seeking external breast prostheses following mastectomy.

Perfect Again Breast Forms look and feel quite different to traditional prostheses and have been designed and manufactured by Julie, who has had personal experience with breast cancer, and have been designed to support women in the same situation.

Dr Nimah Corduff

Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon \ Aesthetic Breast Surgery Centre Geelong Australia 


As a plastic and reconstructive breast surgeon, one of the most common complaints post-mastectomy that I hear is the clumsiness and unwieldiness associated with wearing an external prosthesis. Even though the modern forms are weighted to match the approximate weight of the lost breast it is not held attached to the musculature of the chest wall, it sits free in a bra with the fulcrum at the shoulder. It thus feels much heavier than the natural breast and has a tendency to sit out from the chest wall, giving the 'dreaded gape' in summer clothing.


Julie, having learned through her own experiences has developed a prosthesis individually moulded to the chest wall so that it does not tend to fall away.  Being much lighter, the perceived weight is more balanced to the natural side. 


The Perfect Again light-weight breast form is a clever design that avoids many of the problems associated with external breast prostheses.

Dr Mike Birrell

MBBS FRACGP OAM General Practitioner Geelong Australia

In 1999 I met Julie Brand and in 2002 I went through the diagnosis of breast cancer, her mastectomy and failure of her breast reconstruction as her GP and as a friend. Quite early on in this litany of negative experiences she stated to me, “I am going to treat my breast cancer as a new adventure.”

I was in awe of her positivity and with her artistic mind, she challenged the age-old assumption that a breast prosthesis needed to weigh the same as its companion. Julie wore her traditional prosthesis for only a few days until, together with her partner, they customised the first 'Breast Form' that was identical in shape to her remaining breast but by using lightweight materials sat snugly in her bra and did not make its presence felt every time she moved.

This does seem so simple and sensible but it takes a visionary that has undertaken the voyage to push through tradition and come up with a more practical approach. ​Breast cancer sufferers worldwide may well be the beneficiaries of her ingenuity.


Well done Julie, the adventure continues!


Barb Vallance

Physiotherapist + Practice Owner \ Point Lonsdale Australia 

As a Physiotherapist, I have followed many women’s post-mastectomy journeys, as well as their physical and emotional challenges and triumphs along the way. It is always fulfilling & satisfying to see women’s wellbeing, body image and self-esteem greatly enhanced by their ability to return as quickly as possible to their previous lifestyle, recreational and sporting activities.


Julie’s Perfect Again lightweight Breast Forms will give women this opportunity as it will allow them to ‘feel and look normal’ as opposed to the constant awareness of a heavier cumbersome breast form.


Julie's vision and passion, combined with her first-hand experience of her own mastectomy and artistic background, in developing this Breast Form is a true ‘gift‘ to women.


Many women all over the world will be eternally grateful to Julie for her expertise in researching and producing this affordable and extremely professionally made Breast Form allowing an earlier transition back to a happy and fulfilling life.

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