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Perfect Again Breast Form in the packaging

After many years of research, trial and error, Perfect Again Founders Julie Brand and Franco Pierucci, have produced a unique breast form that mimics the real breast when worn inside your bra.  

Light, super comfortable and made right here in Australia, our breast forms have assisted in the recovery and wellbeing of countless women across Australia as they regain their health and recover from mastectomy surgery.

Our ready-to-wear breast forms come in 14 different sizes, a left and right side and two inside profiles to look more natural and fit snungly.  There is a breast form to suit every body.

How much do they cost?

Perfect Again breast forms cost $400 each or $800 for two. If you’re concerned about the cost of breast prosthesis don't worry, our affordable breast forms are a great option following a mastectomy and the cost is fully refundable by your medicare provider.


Ordering is easy!

Contact Julie


Call, or email. FYI Julie prefers the phone, she loves a chat ;) During the call, absolutely everything is explained and all of your questions answered. Julie will then suggest the breast forms for you to try out (based on your measurements and other information she gathers during your call).

Try before you buy


If you live locally you may wish to have an in-person fitting with Julie at her home office located in the seaside township of Portarlington, in Victoria Australia.


If you live further away, Julie has arrived at an easy and successful method of finding just the right breast form for you. She will explain every detail of this process during the phone conversation.

If you decide none are suitable, just send them back. Easy.



Payment is made over the phone and all paperwork is sent to claim your 100% Medicare refund.​

Like to know more?


Contact Julie for more information, or to book a consultation and fitting.


Email or call 0408-502-344

How are our  Breast Forms different?

Re-gain your body confidence

We know how important it is for you to feel good about your body again post mastectomy surgery.


Our breast forms are worn with a lovely bra that fits correctly. This will help you in your breast cancer recovery to look and feel like you again.


Other Benefits of our breast forms

You can swim in them

You can swim in them, so you don't need to buy yet another breast prosthesis to go swimming. Swim confidently in the sea, in a chlorinated pool or anywhere!

Range of sizes

They come in14 different sizes and have a right and left side version, just like real breasts do. We will help with selecting the best size for your body.

Australian Made

Perfect Again Breast Forms are designed and made in Australia by a 100% Australian-owned business.

Kind words from one of our clients

Amina's Story . . .

All of this was by phone!
...I can’t recommend Julie and the Perfect Again breast forms more highly!    

My sister was getting married on the 28th December and my double mastectomy was booked in for the 3rd of December.


I already had my dress and I really wanted to be able to feel beautiful in it at the wedding. So, after hearing how comfortable the Perfect Again breast forms are from someone online, I decided to call Julie prior to having surgery to see if wearing breast forms so soon after was possible and if so, whether the Perfect Again breast forms would be suitable.

I knew nothing about breast forms but Julie talked me through everything and was absolutely amazing.


Despite how light the breast forms are, Julie was concerned that they may still bother me because of how close together the surgery and the wedding were. But, she was determined that I was going to be able to wear my maid of honour dress and went above and beyond, even speaking to a friend, who’s an excellent seamstress, to figure out how the breast forms could be sewn into the dress to eliminate any discomfort.


It turned out that the breast forms were so comfortable that I was able to wear them directly against my skin on a 39°C day without any discomfort at all. As well as being comfortable, the breast forms look completely natural and Julie made absolutely sure that I had the right size and shape. All of this was done by phone!


I can’t recommend Julie and the Perfect Again breast forms more highly!    

How to wear your breast form

Perfect Again Founder Julie, shows us how easy it is to wear your breast form. With the right bra and a bit of practice, simply pop into your bra and you are are ready to go!

Choosing the right bra is key - we have a range of beautiful bras that work together with your breast form to feel comfortable, look natural and elevate the way you feel about your body after surgery!

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how to wear your breast form
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