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Breast Cancer Survivor

This is what happened to me...


                  Julie Brand

Perfect Again Breast Forms of Australia

Like almost every woman, I went into emotional freefall and woke up in hospital six days later without my right breast. I knew nothing about breast cancer at that point. I didn't even know that there were two t's in the word "mastectomy" till I had one!


I underwent a therapy regime that included chemotherapy, radiation and 9 years of daily drugs, as it turned out.


I was advised to undergo reconstructive surgery at the time of my mastectomy, but that failed after seven months.


When I recovered sufficiently, I bought the thing I'd need to wear for the rest of my life, name as yet unknown.


(I now know it's called a breast prosthesis or a breast form.

I prefer the term "breast form" which is softer and less medical than "breast prosthesis").


But I definitely didn't like it!

It was too heavy, felt "icky", and I didn't like its shape or its bra.


So, coming from a design background, I set about creating a comfortable external breast prosthesis for myself and over a decade later, this is where we are.   

My partner Franco Pierucci and I experimented using various methods and materials, finally employing laser scanning and robotic technology to produce the perfect breast form.

About The Perfect Again Breast Form

External Breast Prosthesis

Perfect Again Breast Forms are different because they are light, comfortable, designed by a woman who uses a breast form daily and made right here in Australia.

Since starting this work 6 years ago and selling bras and breast forms to hundreds of women, I have learned that the bra is a vitally important part of the process.

Our breasts are attached to us by deep and peripheral connective tissue so we don't feel the weight of them.

A heavy breast prosthesis is only hanging from the strap of your bra, and that's why they feel so heavy, hot, uncomfortable and exhibit the "dreaded gape" when you lean forward.

  • Perfect Again Breast Forms are made from two kinds of medical grade polyurethane.

  • You can wear beautiful lingerie once again!

  • You can swim in them, so you don't need to buy yet another breast prosthesis to go swimming. Swim confidently in the sea, in a chlorinated pool or anywhere!

  • Perfect Again Breast Forms are 100% Australian owned and are manufactured in Portarlington Victoria Australia.

  • They are available all over Australia!


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