Perfect Again Breast Prosthesis

Perfect Again Breast Forms are different because they are light, comfortable, designed by a woman who uses a breast form daily and made right here in Australia.

Since starting this work 6 years ago and selling bras and breast forms to hundreds of women I have learned that the bra is a vitally important part of the process.

Our breasts are attached to us by deep and peripheral connective tissue so we don't feel the weight of them.

A heavy breast prosthesis is only hanging from the strap of your bra, and that's why they feel so heavy, hot, uncomfortable and exhibit the "dreaded gape" when you lean forward.

  • Perfect Again Breast Forms are made from two kinds of medical grade polyurethane.

  • You can wear beautiful lingerie once again!

  • You can swim in them, so you don't need to buy yet another breast prosthesis to go swimming. Swim confidently in the sea, in a chlorinated pool or anywhere!

  • Perfect Again Breast Forms are 100% Australian owned and are manufactured in Portarlington Victoria Australia.

  • They are available all over Australia!

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Perfect Again Breast Forms

  • Perfect Again Breast Forms

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