Frequently asked questions

What is a Breast Form or Breast Prosthesis?

A Breast Form or a breast prosthesis is an artificial breast shape worn because one or both breasts have been removed due to breast cancer.

How do I get the process started?

Ring me, Julie on 0408 502 344 or by Personal Message at the bottom of this page. I’ll walk you through everything regarding the whole process.

What should I bring to my fitting?

A favourite bra and a light coloured favourite top to see how the breast form appears under clothing.

What happens during the fitting?

Julie fits you into one of her bras to find your size then we discuss what kind of bra will be most comfortable for you. Then we’ll both decide on the breast form that will work best for you.

Do I need a breast form if I am small breasted?

If you’re small breasted and have lost one breast in my experience, most women feel more comfortable with a matching other breast prosthesis shape.

How long after surgery do I need to wait?

Generally, you need about six weeks to recover from surgery.

How long does it take for the breast forms to get manufactured?

Days not weeks.

How long do Perfect Again breast forms last?

Generally, a couple of years and sometimes much longer!

Will my breast form move around when it gets wet?

No. However in bathers, you must make sure that your breast form can’t escape. All breast forms are lighter than water and if they can float away from you when you’re swimming, they will! Your bathers must be secure enough to never allow this to happen.

Will people be able to tell that I am wearing a breast form?


Will swimming deteriorate my breast form?


Will my breast form be problematic at the airport?


How do you clean & care for Perfect Again breast forms?

Simply wet them, use a little soap or liquid soap to soap them up, rinse them off, pat them dry and they’re good to go.

How long can you wear Perfect Again breast forms?

I wear mine every waking hour of every day. I don’t wear mine to or in bed.

Can I wear Perfect Again breast forms when I work-out at the Gym?


Can Perfect Again breast forms get wet?


How do I put on my Perfect Again breast form?

Put on your bra and arrange your natural breast in it. Then position the breast form into the empty side of the bra and it’s done!

How do Perfect Again breast forms stay in place?

We use snug-fit bras and our breast forms are light-weight so they are held snug and secure against your chest wall.

Do I need a special bra for my Perfect Again breast form?

You need a full cup support style of bra that has been designed for a two-breasted woman.

What do I do if the Perfect Again breast form doesn’t fit perfectly?

Contact Julie about this and together we will find a solution.

What kind of lingerie can I wear with my Perfect Again breast form?

Generally, a full cup support style of bra works best with our breast forms.

What do I do if something ruins or breaks my breast form?

Contact Julie about this and we will always be able to find a solution.

Is the material used to make the Perfect Again breast form safe for me?

Yes. It’s medical grade and inert. We used industrial chemists to arrive at the best type of material for our product.

Do you only ship within Australia?


How much does a Perfect Again breast form cost?

One breast form costs $400, two cost $800. The breast form cost is completely covered by Medicare Australia. Your only out-of-pocket cost is postage.

Do I need to present doctor paperwork?


What makes Perfect Again better than the competitors’ products?

Our breast forms are about a third of the weight of traditional heavy breast forms. They come in a left and a right side version and they have two different inside contours which makes them really comfortable for most women. They are a different shape to traditional breast forms and are worn with different types of bras to traditional breast prostheses’ bras.