Breast Forms & Mastectomy Bras

We sell both products as they are equally important to your comfort following your breast cancer surgery.


The Breast Forms

Our ready-to-wear breast form range comes in 14 different sizes and has a left and a right-hand side version because our breasts are different shapes. They also have two different "inside" profiles which means that there is a breast form to suit everybody.

Our breast forms are 3 times lighter than silicon prostheses.

The Bras 
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The kind of bra that works really well with our breast forms is a full-cup support style of bra.


These bras have a bridge of at least 80 mm in height.

(The bridge is the fabric that joins the two cups together at the front of a bra.)  Just like the one I'm wearing here.

This means that your breast form is completely hidden by the bra so that when you’re looking at yourself in a mirror, you won’t appear to be wearing a prosthesis at all.


We have a range of bra styles available at Perfect Again. 

Lightweight Breast Forms

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